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I'm Diane Horst. I started Light by Reflection in 2011 in an effort to become more organized in fulfilling art and photography requests. I worked as a high school art teacher and illustrator for a publishing company, while getting a growing number of requests on the side from word-of-mouth clients. Having married my best friend, Tony, and eventually starting a family, I went on to work solely as a freelance artist from my home. 


Light By Reflection has undergone a few changes since 2011. I no longer provide photography or branding services. Mostly, I design things like brochures, calendars and book covers, as well as multiple forms of studio art like pencil drawings, oil paintings and wall murals. Most of it starts with an idea from people like you . . . a children's book, a portrait of a loved one, a poster for a classroom or a cover for a DVD. Together, we can make it happen!

My vision for Light By Reflection is to partner with you to bring your creative ideas to life, to create art as an avenue to uplift, comfort, inspire and reflect on the gift of beauty, given by the source of it--God Himself. I do not create primarily as a means to an end. I create because the process brings my soul delight and turns in worship to my Maker. Perhaps you know this delight too, as you care for a garden, knead a loaf of bread for your family, restore a worn-out piece of furniture or write a story. It's the place, unique to every soul, where we are fully alive and rejuvenated, not because of what we've created but for having created. In each of us is a longing our Creator. His infinite love is not dependent on what I can produce but simply that I am His. HIS creation, made in His marvelous image. Receiving this love, engaging with Him--brings us both delight. It's not what I do, but rather, who I am--a child of God--that gives me significance and belonging. Even in a broken world, Love is never far away because He is in us. It is the only genuine way by which we reflect His nature in our present world.


“What a privilege to live in God’s art gallery. To touch the things He’s made. Furthermore, to co-create!

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